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Bagpipe Services Australia can rejuvenate your bagpipes using traditional techniques to enhance both the sound and appearance of the instrument without sacrificing its character. 


We can also repair all parts of the instrument using a combination of original materials together with modern techniques as appropriate.

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Refurbishing bagpipes includes:

  • Cleaning all the timber parts

  • Applying lacquer or wax finish

  • Cleaning and polishing all mounts

  • Trueing worn tuning slides, including re-hemping

  • Any other repairs and maintenance as required

Refurb before and after.jpg


Repairs can include:

  • Replacing broken tuning pins

  • Replacing or repairing broken drone sections

  • Replacing broken or missing mounts in Alternative Ivory or traditional mount material

  • Repairing cracked sections using invisible whipping or sleeving.  Click here for more information on the invisible whipping technique​.



Maintenance can include:

  • Removing and replacing pipe bags

  • Re-hemping joints

  • Supplying and fitting blowpipe valves

  • Adjusting and setting of reeds

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