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Highland bagpipe tunes come in a variety of styles including lively marches, hornpipes and jigs to slow airs and laments.

It is common for the more well-known tunes to be requested at events.  The links below contain an abridged sample of tunes that may be suitable for your occasion.   


Your choices are not limited to the examples below as Robert has an extensive repertoire of traditional and modern Scottish tunes.  However, many popular Scottish songs are outside the range of the pipes and cannot be played successfully on them.

IMG_0773 Robert leading kids portrait.jpg

Wedding Services

Marie's Wedding
Brown Hair'd Maiden
Highland Laddie

Funeral Services

Amazing Grace
Sleep, Dearie, Sleep
Skye Boat Song
Flowers of the Forest

Other occasions

Scotland the Brave
Black Bear
Cock O' the North
The Scottish Soldier
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