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Bagpipe Services manufactures miniature bagpipes and specific bagpipe parts and components.

It is also a supplier of bagpipe bags, reeds and blowpipe valves.

Dual-section Chanter Stocks

These replace chanter caps and allow for easy chanter removal.  They protect reeds from damage and keep them dry.  Convenient for changing or replacing chanters.


Made from Blackwood substitute (high density Acetal plastic).  Ferrules in Alternative Ivory, polished aluminium or plain black.  Combed and beaded.  O-ring sealed.  

Split stocks updated.jpg

Bagpipe Bags

Supplier of Ross and Canmore pipe bags.

Ross bags come in breathable leather, suede and goatskin with or without moisture control systems.  Blowppe valves are also available.

Canmore bags come in synthetic and hybrid options.

Bagpipe bags2.jpg


Limited supplies of reeds including Canmore, Ezeedrone and Highland drone reeds.

Types of pipe chanter reeds include Shepherd, G1 and Chesney.  Practice chanter reeds also available.

Reeds new2.jpg

Miniature Bagpipes

Mouth-blown miniature highland pipes have various names including: Reel Pipes, Parlour Pipes, Chamber Pipes or Small pipes. 


They are made from Blackwood substitute or Western Myall timber, plain-turned with Alternative Ivory or polished aluminium mounts.  They come fitted with a custom Ross synthetic bag, custom Ezeedrone reeds, B flat chanter, cords and plain velveteen bag cover.

lancewood Miniatures cropped.jpg

Blowpipes and Mouthpieces

Blowpipes are made in the traditional style in Blackwood substitute (high density Acetal plastic).  They are made in custom lengths. and are combed and beaded.

Blowpipe mouthpieces are made in two sections; bowl and tip. with customised tip lengths.  Bowls can be made in Blackwood substitute or Alternative Ivory.  

IMG_0043 larger cropped.jpg
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