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Bagpipes are suitable for outdoor functions, church or chapel. 


The vibrant sound of the pipes and the spectacle of highland dress adds that special touch to any function.

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Give your wedding that traditional Scottish flavour with the skirl of the pipes.  Pipes can be used for:

  • Arrival of guests

  • Welcoming the bride

  • Leading the bride to the ceremony

  • Music during the signing of the register

  • Heralding the new couple as they greet their guests

  • Entrance into the Reception

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Bagpipes are suitable for cremations, burials or memorial services.  Pipes are often used for:

  • Background music as mourners arrive

  • Leading the coffin into the church, chapel or gravesite

  • Piping at the conclusion of the service

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Bagpipe Services Australia can provide solo pipers, groups of pipers and drummers for corporate events, presentations or parties.  Pipes may be used for:

  • Arrival of guests

  • Arrival of official party

  • Surprise presentations

  • An interlude between sessions

  • Piping in meal courses

  • Piping in celebratory cake etc

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